ShareBuilder AI

For over 20 years, ShareBuilders has been a pioneer in leveraging data to empower media companies with data-driven decisions. As the landscape of media sales undergoes constant change and transformation, we recognize the need to pivot ahead and meet the demands of our customers and their industries. Embracing the defining technologies of our time, generative artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML), we are committed to a balanced approach, staying grounded in practical AI solutions that deliver meaningful benefits to our valued customers.

Our Approach to AIĀ 

Leading with Purpose

At ShareBuilders, we believe that the next chapter of technology lies in training software solutions to provide new, previously unachievable solutions. AI will be the catalyst for this evolution, providing breakthroughs that empower our customers to lead while AI follows, supporting their vision with cutting-edge insights and performance enhancements.

Customer-Centric Strategy

While the temptation to push numerous AI features might be prevalent today, we adopt a more discerning approach. Our focus is on identifying key opportunities where these technologies can drive new insights and performance for our customers. We carefully evaluate where AI can play a meaningful role alongside other data-driven analytics solutions, ensuring that AI serves as an accelerator of top-line impact, addresses disruptions, and unlocks new market opportunities.

ShareBuilders AI Guiding Principles

ShareBuilders’ bold and responsible approach to AI is underpinned by our guiding principles, ensuring that we develop AI and ML solutions that maximize customer benefits while maintaining control by humans.


We take responsibility for the AI systems we deploy, providing relevant explanations, and encouraging customer feedback. Our AI solutions are directed, approved, and controlled by people, fostering accountability and reliability.


We are committed to informing our customers whenever AI and ML solutions are used to solve problems or introduce new features. Clear and identifiable implementations separate AI solutions from the rest of our products, ensuring transparency in their usage.


We strive to make AI-solutions accessible to all. Our commitment to inclusivity ensures that the benefits of AI are available to a diverse range of customers, their people, roles, and titles, empowering every level with cutting-edge technology.


At ShareBuilders, we build AI solutions with a clear customer benefit in mind. We are not driven by mere buzz but are purposeful in delivering transformative AI solutions that enhance our customers’ success and growth.

Unmatched AI Features

At ShareBuilders, our AI capabilities are already making a profound impact on our customers. Our data science team has continued to deliver cutting-edge solutions that harness the full potential of AI, revolutionizing the way media companies operate.

Smart Forecasts

SB PricingIn House Machine Learning

A new Forecast model designed to instill confidence and trust in your financial projections. Research has shown that pending amounts can vary by as much as 160% from actual billing within a month. With Smart Forecast, we’ve taken a giant leap in reducing this uncertainty, promising to cut it by at least half.

Precision Pending

SB CRMIn House Machine Learning

A game-changing solution by ShareBuilders that leverages advanced algorithms to revolutionize forecasting and build trust in your teams pending dollars. Studies have revealed that pending amounts can deviate by up to 160% from actual billing in a month, but with Precision Pending, we slash that uncertainty by at least half.

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Share Points Insights


This great feature swiftly summarizes our large data sets of aggregated pacing so our customers do not have to review spreadsheets and charts. What used to take our team a week is now generated daily, empowering you to make more informed decisions in less time. Gain real-time clarity with ease, as this Chat GPT solution distills complex data into concise and actionable summaries.



Designed for Transparency

To signify the presence of ShareBuilders AI within our platform, we’re introducing a new system-wide design language. ShareBuilders AI features are distinguished by a unique icon and purple coloring, providing customers with immediate transparency and a clear indication of AI implementation.