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Looking to streamline your media sales management? Look no further than ShareBuilders. With over 20 years of experience as a leading TV revenue management company, we specialize in expert forecasting, pricing, account management, and inventory management. In fact, we’ve managed 30% of all Local Broadcast TV advertising. Our modern tools and skilled consultants empower you to identify opportunities and analyze data, while our platform integrates with thousands of vendors to eliminate chair swivel. With advanced forecasting, you’ll gain a competitive edge and achieve greater success. Trust ShareBuilders for all your media sales needs.


After years of perfecting our methodology, our team of consultants is here to assist you in analyzing many data points that accurately forecast the station and market. Our expertise can help you make informed decisions for your business.


Price for demand with our rate cards! By analyzing current sellout and occupancy data, we create a custom rate card that targets your best opportunities to grow your revenue.

Inventory Management

Grow your revenue by accurately identifying weekly demand and key shows/dayparts. Inventory Management with ShareBuilder Pricing will optimize sellout rates, ultimately improving your bottom line.

Holding Capacity Model

Our unparalleled holding capacity model is the best in the industry, developed over 20 years of dedicated refinement. Our team has worked tirelessly to create a comprehensive tool that empowers our clients with complete and accurate market ratings. This allows stations to gain a better understanding of their competitive advantage and make informed decisions to stay ahead of the game. We take pride in offering the most advanced holding capacity model available, ensuring our clients’ success.

Traffic System Integration

Keep up-to-date with your sales information through the ShareBuilder Platform. With mulptime updates throughout the day we that deliver precise details for improved insights. Say goodbye to obsolete data.

Consultative Service

At ShareBuilder’s, we take a consultative approach when working with our clients. We understand that data alone cannot comprehend the uniqueness of each market. That’s why we pair you with an expert consultant and analyst who will shed light on data trends while respecting and seeking your perspective on current market conditions. We provide rate recommendations that align with your forecast, but we also allow you to adjust and edit to create a rate card ready to be shared with your team. With our platform, you can say goodbye to outdated data and hello to a world of actionable insights!

Account List Management

Boost your sales team’s productivity with our account management features. Access revenue and inventory data in seconds, track progress, identify trends, and make informed decisions on the go. Plus, streamline workflow and minimize data management so you can focus on selling.

Account Analytics

We’re revolutionizing sales team success measurement. Our analysis tools provide actionable insights on top-performing AEs and customers, allowing you to refine growth strategies based on metrics like AUR by zone and inventory type.

Integration Hub

Tracking data from multiple vendors is frustrating and can cause a disjointed experience that will negatively impact your bottom line. ShareBuilder’s integration with Zapier enables clients to conveniently access all their data in one centralized location.

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