Coming Soon 2024
Connected Mailbox by ShareBuilders

Simplify sales
activity tracking

Automate the process of tracking sales activity & ensure your CRM is always up-to-date with minimal effort. Connected Mailbox eliminates the hassle of manual entry, offering seamless integration, top-tier security, and intelligent activity mapping.

Seamlessly turn emails into sales activity

Connected Mailbox automatically converts emails and calendar events into sales activities in ShareBuilder CRM. It does this by directly linking your mailbox and automatically associate each interaction with the correct contacts. This process removes the need for manual entry or manual syncing, streamlining your sales activity tracking with minimal effort.

Turn emails into contacts, automatically

Connected Mailbox not only streamlines activity tracking but also creates new contacts automatically. When a new email or calendar event is detected, Connected Mailbox intelligently creates new contact records within ShareBuilder CRM & links these new contacts to the appropriate company.

Customizable to fit anyones needs

Users can customize their experience by selecting which of their mailbox folders should sync to ShareBuilder CRM. Additionally, Connected Mailbox allows for the creation of a list of ignored email addresses and domain names. This feature ensures that irrelevant or personal communications are automatically excluded from syncing, keeping your CRM clean and focused on sales-relevant activities.


Supported Mailbox Providers

Connected Mailbox offers effortless integration with both industry leading mailbox providers Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace. This compatibility allows for hands free syncing of emails and calendar events to ShareBuilder CRM.