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Built for the Radio Industry

ShareBuilders understands the unique needs of radio sales teams. We offer revenue and account management tools built specifically for the broadcast industry and we’ve been working with radio stations for over 20 years. Our platform enables remote work, advanced forecasting capabilities, and seamless integrations with thousands of vendors to increase efficiency and productivity for a more successful media sales organization. Our consultative approach gives you the opportunity to work with forecasting experts that will help you make decisions based on data, leaving the guesswork behind. See what our software can do to move your team forward and drive share growth.


We’ve spent over 20 years refining our methodology. Our consultants are trained to help you analyze dozens of data points to forecast the station and the market.


Get a rate card that gets you to forecast by pricing for demand. Using your current sellout and occupancy data, we’ll create a strategic set of rates that target your best opportunities to grow revenue.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is a critical part of sales. ShareBuilder Pricing will help you identify weekly demand and focus on key shows and dayparts that will maximize revenue by driving sellout.

Made to Fit Your Needs

We offer rate cards that are customized specifically for radio, recognizing the needs for different rates on :60s, :30s and :15s. We can adjust for your desired mark-up between spot lengths. We want you to be able to download a rate card that you can take straight to your team.

Traffic System Integration

 Sales data can become outdated in minutes. All it takes is a productive morning of entering orders to completely change your revenue and inventory landscape. Data within the ShareBuilder Platform can be updated multiple times a day, giving you the correct data you need, when you need it.

Consultative Service

We take a consultative approach to working with our clients because we have the experience to recognize that data alone can’t understand the uniqueness of each market.

 We will pair you with an expert consultant and analyst who will illuminate data trends that can help make actionable decisions, while still respecting and seeking out your view of current market conditions.

We will offer rate recommendations that get you to your forecast, but we give you the tools to adjust and edit in order to produce a rate card that is ready to send to your team.

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What People Say

Our Awesome Customers!

"Our old CRM was a glorified rolodex. ShareBuilder CRM combines account management and revenue tracking. That was huge for us; the ability to pull in our traffic system data and our revenue to be able to see everything in one place. To build out the framework that already exists in ShareBuilder CRM would have costs thousands of dollars to customize in other CRMs."

-Lisa Morris, Sales Systems Administrator, Market Enginuity


"ShareBuilders is an exceptional inventory management tool. Working in a fast pace industry, our managers need to be customer facing and coaching their account executives. ShareBuilders affords them the ability to free up their time and spend more time in the field. ShareBuilders is one of the most important inventory management tools available to help manage changes in supply and demand and sell outs."

-Miles Cathey, Director of Sales, KHOU – Houston

"ShareBuilders allows us to proactively price and have confidence to not engage in the “race to the bottom” in our marketplaces. We feel the accuracy in holding capacity continues to help us price aggressively to get more than our fair share at times. The budgeting tool is a key for us. Overall, we feel like ShareBuilders gives us great insight into markets and creates a pricing confidence based on data that’s easy to understand and use effectively. We can’t really get this anywhere else in such an easy format."

-Missy Evenson , VP Sales, Local Media, EW Scripps Company

“I have found their revenue forecasting, inventory consumption insight and weekly calls to be highly valuable sales management tools. As you know no one product is a savior, but I really like the way ShareBuilders analyzes data and gives managers a highly accurate tool to make better and smarter inventory and pricing decisions.”

-Andy Delaporte, Director of Sales, WVUE – New Orleans