Maximize revenue
with the most
media sales tools

ShareBuilder Pricing offers a powerful combination of cutting-edge software and expert guidance to help you unlock the full potential of your inventory and dominate even the most challenging markets. Don’t settle for less – trust our industry-leading approach to supercharge your sales team today!

Forecast, Confidently

You won’t stress about forecasting once you have ShareBuilders on your side. Our consultants have the experience to simplify the process. We’ll provide you with the insight to effectively price to your existing demand instead of just hoping you can hit your numbers. Together, we’ll create an accurate forecast by combining your market knowledge with your station’s current and historical trends. With our data-driven approach, you can make informed decisions with confidence.

Your unexpected, yet essential teammate

Based on two decades of unmatched expertise, ShareBuilder Pricing provides invaluable insights by analyzing your market’s current and historical trends. Your dedicated consultant will guide you through weekly calls to make informed pricing and inventory management decisions. Our proven solution empowers you to stay ahead of market changes by regularly adjusting your forecast and pricing.

Pricing Recomendations

Are you tired of spending countless hours each week creating rate cards for your team? We can do that for you. We’ll provide you with the insight to effectively price to the existing demand in your market. We also allow you to edit rates before you send them to your team. We trust our science, but we also know that sometimes you have reasons that those rates won’t work, even if math says they will.

Inventory Analysis

Effective inventory management is crucial for optimizing revenue. Underselling or overselling will leave money on the table. Our inventory analysis shows you your demand by week and highlights the key shows and dayparts where you can adjust rates to improve your bottom line.

Holding Capacity

Our media pricing solution is unmatched in the industry due to our groundbreaking holding capacity model. This advanced approach meticulously evaluates your market standing relative to your ratings. With more than 20 years of expertise refining this model, we offer you invaluable intelligence on your deserved market share. You won’t find this data anywhere else.

Aggregated Pacing

We work alongside over 300 TV stations nationwide, allowing us to keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry. Through our analysis of pacing data, we compare current revenue to the same day last year, breaking it down by network affiliation, region, and market size. It’s a quick way to recognize emerging trends and compare performance. No other software in the industry can offer you this type of data, updated daily.

ShareBuilder Pricing is on the go, just like your sales team.

Our cloud-based Pricing app ensures data is accessible anytime, anywhere, providing maximum convenience and flexibility. ShareBuilders Pricing is the only media-specific solution that offers a mobile app that enables our users to take ShareBuilder Pricing on the go, empowering sellers to make more sales and achieve tremendous success.