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Proven Media Sales Features

Bringing over 25 years of experience serving Television & Radio Media Sales Teams, to Out of Home.


We take the emotion out of forecasting by consulting your leadership team on how to account for and analyze proven historical data points in combination with their intimate knowledge of their unique markets to come to the most intelligent revenue forecast possible.

Pricing & Rate Cards

We’ll provide you with the insight to price to the existing demand in your market effectively. We also allow you to edit rates before you send them to your team. We trust our science, but we also know that sometimes you have reasons that those rates won’t work, even if math says they will.

Inventory Analysis

Effective inventory management is crucial for optimizing revenue. Underselling or overselling your assets will leave money on the table. Our inventory analysis shows you your demand and helps you understand where you can adjust rates to improve your bottom line. 

Business Intelligence

ShareBuilders is a cradle-to-grave tool to help you manage your OOH sales operation. From the inception of a lead to analyzing your yield management performance, we do it all. We offer you insights into every corner of your OOH sales organization.

Financial Reporting

At ShareBuilders we understand that every organization is unique. We provide powerful and flexible financial reporting that allows you to slice and dice your financial information any way you want to see it.

Sales Funnel

Track your pending from inception through close with our world-class sales funnel. We are philosophy agnostic as it pertains to pending. Whatever your approach to following pending through the sales funnel, we can support your journey.

Account Management

We know you and your team are busy. There are sales to be made, orders to get in, creative to be managed, proposals to write, meetings and research.  Let us help you prioritize the accounts with the biggest potential, keeping your team focused on targets that can bring in and exceed budget.

Activity Tracking

We all know that activity is a key component to success in the world of sales. We have designed an intuitive method to help your team ensure they have a level of activity that will lead them to success. From seamless Connected Mailbox and calendar to easy on-the-fly activity tracking on our best-in-class mobile app, we make it easy for your team to report their activity.

AI Powered

At ShareBuilders, we believe that the next chapter of technology lies in training software solutions to provide new, previously unachievable solutions. AI will be the catalyst for this evolution, providing breakthroughs that empower our customers to lead while AI follows, supporting their vision with cutting-edge insights and performance enhancements.

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Automate nearly everything. Stop manually entering leads, create automation workflows, drip email campaigns, sync account information to and from billing systems, and so much more!

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In exchange for your help understanding a path for the best OOH sales solution on the market, we will offer you our tried and true media-centric CRM for two years at no charge. We currently have OOH operators using ShareBuilders CRM with great success.

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As a member of our early access program, you will be the first to use our newest OOH solutions in ShareBuilders. This will be included at NO CHARGE with the use of ShareBuilders CRM as we continue to bring our media sales expertise to OOH and maximize your revenue potential.

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We all know the OOH industry isn’t getting a deserved share of media spending. Join us in curating a tool that allows OOH to get more than its fair share of advertising budgets and maximize your yield from your OOH assets.

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