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Find out why we're the yield management provider for over half the country's local TV inventory.

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We're the largest and most trusted solution for pricing local radio.  See why here.

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ShareBuilders is the largest media yield management software company in the US. In 2014 our local broadcast TV clients billed almost $7.3 billion, about 30% of the total spot TV revenue that year. Our local radio clients billed almost $1.1 billion. Our clientele has grown to almost 300 television stations, over 150 radio stations, and almost 20 cable MSO’s. Our growth has come through an intense commitment to customer satisfaction and our happy customers’ referrals to new clients. Read more about ShareBuilders, or view some Testimonials from satisfied customers. Click here to read about our presentation on forecasting revenue to the Media Finance Focus 2010 conference. We interface with all major TV & Radio industry partners including: WideOrbit, OSi, Marketron, IBS, Novar, and many more. 

Using sophisticated mathematical and yield management concepts, we've built software that can help stations forecast, measure inventory usage, and adjust rates to respond to changes in supply and demand. A knowledgeable consultant will meet with you on a weekly basis to evaluate station and market demand and advise you on how to manage sellouts through rate adjustments. Soon afterward, you'll have a rate card with rates tailored to your station's current supply and demand situation and targeted to use all of your available inventory without overselling. Many stations electronically import these rates into their packaging software. In addition, we contribute significantly to long-term forecasting projects and budget preparation.

In short, our software and consultants will BUILD your SHARE by helping you see where you are right now AND help you get to where you want to be.
Exactly what is yield management?

To manage your yield in TV, radio, or cable simply means to control the usage of your inventory, or available commercial time.

Think about an airplane: an airplane may only have 200 seats available to sell. When customers want to buy 225 seats, an airline can't add more seats to that plane. Somehow the airline needs to figure out how to keep that demand down to 200 seats. Conversely, if there are only enough customers for 175 seats, the airline can't take away the extra seats. It needs to find out how to fill those 25 seats.

TV, radio, and cable are exactly the same. They have a fixed amount of commercial time available to sell. Overselling that time means they've run out of room, losing out on the prospect of more money. Underselling that time means they're letting their time go to waste, again missing out on the prospect of more money.

Like airlines, TV, radio, and cable need to figure out a way to control demand given their fixed supply. How do you do that? Simply by adjusting your rates for that time. Raise your rates when demand is high, and you'll keep your sellouts down to a manageable level. Lower your rates when demand is low, and you'll fill up.

While this may sound simple, determining the right rates to control demand can be tricky. That's where ShareBuilders comes in. We help our clients read demand on their inventory, show them where they've got too little room or too much room, and tell them what rates they need to get to stay in control.

Customer Testimonials

  • If I had to choose one outside vendor only, I would choose ShareBuilder. It not only saves hours of time for my sales management team in pricing for rate cards but additional time in the negotiation process.
  • ShareBuilders is an invaluable tool that makes us money, saves us time and gives us a big picture perspective into industry trends. Inventory and pricing management is a difficult process made easier with ShareBuilders.

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