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ShareBuilders offers media sales empowerment and revenue growth tools, backed by a team of dedicated industry experts. We work closely with our customers to build data-driven sales strategies and equip them with the platforms that can help manage it all — from activity tracking to inventory management. Simply put, we make your data make sense.

We Are ShareBuilders

We make your data make sense!


See how ShareBuilder and our consultants will work with your sales leadership team to establish a more pragmatic approach to pricing your inventory.


Combine your knowledge of the market with our tools to analyze historical data and current trends to create a more objective, accurate forecast.


Our visual portrayal of your inventory identifies your biggest challenges and opportunities with all the details you need available at your fingertips.

Business Analysis

From macro to micro, both products provide the snapshot you need of your team’s progress.

Media Sales CRM

Account list management, activity tracking and email, phone and calendar integrations allow your sales organization to stay on track and spend more time selling.

Account List Management

Let Efficio do the work of identifying your key accounts and helping your team prioritize them.

Lead Management

Manage and work incoming leads in a whole new way with our HubSpot integration.

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What People Say

Our Awesome Customers!

Steve Heintz

Local Sales Manager - Corus

“It has proven to be one of the best programs I’ve ever used, as a manager, for staying on top of all aspects of our business… 

Missy Evenson

Vice President of Sales - Scripps

“We feel like ShareBuilders gives us great insight into markets and creates a pricing confidence based on data that’s easy to understand and use effectively.

Scott Boone

Account Executive - Bonneville

“It helps me stay organized and reduces the amount of paper I need to print out to stay on top of things. You can schedule reminders for yourself…”

Andy Delaporte

Director of Sales - Gray

“I really like the way ShareBuilders analyzes data & gives managers a highly accurate tool to make better & smarter inventory and pricing decisions.”

Colan Wheat

Vice President of Sales - Dickey Broadcasting 

“It’s a product that delivers the technology we need, but most importantly, they respond to the needs that we have instantly. “

Tanya Winscott

Director of Sales - Scripps

ShareBuilders helps us maximize our inventory and to make informed pricing decisions ultimately driving share for the station.