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Introducing a game-changing CRM that is revolutionizing the way sales teams work. Say goodbye to hours of manual data entry and hello to frequent data sync with traffic. Our CRM provides organized access to sales data, giving sales teams the information they need to close deals faster. Sales teams can identify trends, track progress, and make informed decisions on the fly. Managers can even see pending inside of ShareBuilder Pricing.

This innovative solution also streamlines workflow, allowing sales teams to focus on selling rather than data management. Upgrade your sales game today with our cutting-edge software that gives you a competitive edge. Contact our team for a demo and see the difference it makes for your team’s performance and productivity.

ShareBuilder CRM’s Best Features

Account List Management

Boost your sales team’s productivity with our account management features. Access revenue and inventory data in seconds, track progress, identify trends, and make informed decisions on the go. Plus, streamline workflow and minimize data management so you can focus on selling.

Account Analytics

We’re revolutionizing sales team success measurement. Our analysis tools provide actionable insights on top-performing AEs and customers, allowing you to refine growth strategies based on metrics like AUR by zone and inventory type.

Integration Hub

Tracking data from multiple vendors is frustrating and can cause a disjointed experience that will negatively impact your bottom line. ShareBuilder’s integration with Zapier enables clients to conveniently access all their data in one centralized location.

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