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Share Point Growth


Average ROI for Top 50 Markets


Average ROI for Markets 50+

The Story Behind the Numbers

In a study of 100 stations using ShareBuilder, we found that on average they grew half a point of share in their first three years working with us. Half a point of share doesn’t sound like an exciting statistic all on its own, but when you break that down into market dollars, it’s much more meaningful.

For a top 10 market, for example, half a point of share is worth millions. Even in a small market, you’re easily growing your revenue by six figures.

When you consider that against the cost of the ShareBuilder product, you’re recouping your investment many times over. Our ROI percentage may even seem a bit unbelievable, but our sales team can break down the ROI specific to your market.

Average Share Analysis


Average Increase Over 3 Year Period


Weighted Average Increase Over 3 Year Period

DMA 3: Chicago


2073% ROI, or 27 times the cost

DMA 32: Hartford-New Haven


1100% ROI or 11 times the cost


DMA 50: New Orleans


790% ROI or 7 times the cost


DMA 86: Shreveport


513% ROI or 5 times the cost.


DMA 103: Davenport


887% ROI or 9 times the cost.


Proven Media Sales Features

Bringing over 20 years of experience serving Television & Radio Media Sales Teams, to Out of Home.


ShareBuilders eliminates forecasting stress by leveraging experienced consultants. We simplify the process, offering insights to price effectively according to existing demand. Together, we merge your market knowledge with station trends, creating accurate forecasts with confidence through data-driven approaches.

Inventory Analysis

Optimizing revenue hinges on effective inventory management. Balancing supply and demand prevents revenue loss. Our inventory analysis reveals weekly demand and suggests rate adjustments for peak shows and dayparts, enhancing your bottom line.

Pricing & Rate Cards

Fed up with tedious rate card creation? Let us handle it. We empower you to price according to market demand and enable rate adjustments before distribution. While we trust our methodology, we understand your unique considerations may warrant rate alterations, despite mathematical support.

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