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At ShareBuilders, we are not simply a software provider. We are your strategic partner, working tirelessly to drive your success. Our team of experts combines cutting-edge strategies, market insights, and a proven track record to deliver outstanding results that transform media sales teams.

Ultimately, we do exactly what our name suggests: build share. According to a recent study we conducted, working with us guarantees exceptional results for our clients.



Share Point Growth


Average ROI for Top 50 Markets


Average ROI for Markets 50+

The Story Behind the Numbers

In a study of 100 stations using ShareBuilder, we found that on average they grew half a point of share in their first three years working with us.  Half a point of share doesn’t sound like an exciting statistic all on its own, but when you break that down into market dollars, it’s much more meaningful.

For a top 10 market, for example, half a point of share is worth millions.  Even in a small market, you’re easily growing your revenue by six figures.

When you consider that against the cost of the ShareBuilder product, you’re recouping your investment many times over. Our ROI percentage may even seem a bit unbelievable, but our sales team can break down the ROI specific to your market.  Click the link below to request a demo and learn more.

We Are ShareBuilders


We make your data make sense!


Our automated rate cards combine the best of both worlds: intelligent algorithms and a dedicated industry expert giving you rates that make sense.


Combine your knowledge of the market with our tools and our consultants’ expertise to create a more objective, accurate forecast.


Our visual portrayal of your inventory identifies your biggest challenges and opportunities with all the details you need available at your fingertips.

Account Management

Let us help you prioritize the accounts with the biggest potential, keeping your team focused on targets that can bring in and exceed budget.

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