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ShareBuilders is the largest media sales forecasting and pricing tool in the US for TV, Radio and Cable. The ShareBuilder software, along with our expert consultants, saves clients time and money by making better pricing and inventory management decisions.

Forecasting. Pricing. Inventory Management.

Partner with the experts

The defining feature of ShareBuilders is that we don’t hand you a piece of software and walk away.  Our clients meet with our consultants weekly to analyze financial data and make pricing decisions together.  Forecast revenue based on historical station data and current industry trends that our consultants are trained to understand.

Manage inventory for demand

Get visual clarity on current and future inventory and let ShareBuilders help you adjust rates based on the demand for your station and market.  Reviewing inventory weekly allows our clients to pivot quickly to price inventory efficiently. 

Get rate cards that save you time

Let ShareBuilders free up hours of your work week by creating rate cards tailored to your station’s demand and the needs of your sales team.  Our goal is to provide pricing that maximizes sellouts without overselling.

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