Science Versus Art

ShareBuilders & Pricing Strategy

Successful pricing requires both science and art; we are the scientists and our clients are the artists. We calculate the lowest rate supply and demand will allow, but that is not the right rate for every advertiser.

Salespeople are expert negotiators.

ShareBuilders’ rates empower them to sell on the street and not in their manager’s office. Our pricing recommendations are a starting point and ultimately the final say is in the hands of the managers. We give you the tools so you can finesse the end result in a way that best suits your needs.


On conference calls with your ShareBuilders consultant, you will dive into forecasting. Do you price to budget? Higher? Lower? All of these strategic decisions work in tandem with a view of your up-to-date inventory. The recommendations change depending on whether you are underselling or overselling inventory. The software, combined with your expert ShareBuilders analyst, has a rate for all situations. Historical performance, ratings changes, and market health are all contributing factors when it comes to rate card recommendations, so rest assured you will receive the most accurate rates to potentially achieve your goals. We’re committed to being your partner in growth by giving your sales teams rates they can negotiate based on demand.

"Tribune Broadcasting has been a long time supporter of the ShareBuilders yield management tool, which allows our sales management to make smart pricing decisions and effectively maximize inventory/revenue for their stations. It provides a pragmatic approach in weekly consultation with stations, and saves time for our sales managers."

-Angela Betasso, Chief Revenue Officer, Tribune Media


"ShareBuilders is an exceptional inventory management tool. Working in a fast pace industry, our managers need to be customer facing and coaching their account executives. ShareBuilders affords them the ability to free up their time and spend more time in the field. ShareBuilders is one of the most important inventory management tools available to help manage changes in supply and demand and sell outs."

-Miles Cathey, Director of Sales, KHOU - Houston

"ShareBuilders allows us to proactively price and have confidence to not engage in the “race to the bottom” in our marketplaces. We feel the accuracy in holding capacity continues to help us price aggressively to get more than our fair share at times. The budgeting tool is a key for us. Overall, we feel like ShareBuilders gives us great insight into markets and creates a pricing confidence based on data that’s easy to understand and use effectively. We can’t really get this anywhere else in such an easy format."

-Missy Evenson , VP Sales, Local Media, EW Scripps Company

“I have found their revenue forecasting, inventory consumption insight and weekly calls to be highly valuable sales management tools. As you know no one product is a savior, but I really like the way ShareBuilders analyzes data and gives managers a highly accurate tool to make better and smarter inventory and pricing decisions.”

-Andy Delaporte, Director of Sales, WVUE - New Orleans

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