Better Pricing

Our customizable rate card creation will save you hours of analysis. Our forecasting tools ensure you are priced to the demand in the current market while our dedicated analysts take care of the individual pricing decisions.

Our Pricing Philosophy

Successful pricing requires both science and art; we are the scientists and our clients are the artists. We calculate the lowest rate supply and demand will allow, and our clients use that information as a jumping-off point for their artistry.

How exactly does our “science” of pricing work?

We rely on the data. On conference calls with your ShareBuilder Pricing consultant, you will dive into forecasting. Do you price to budget? Higher? Lower? All these strategic decisions work in tandem with a view of your up-to-date inventory. The recommendations change depending on whether you are underselling or overselling inventory. Our forecasting tools will ensure you are priced to the demand in the current market.

Rate Cards

How many hours a week do you currently spend creating rate cards for your team? Let us take care of that for you! Our rate card creation will save you hours of analysis so you can get back to what you do best – growing sales. Rate cards can be uploaded to proposal systems such as Wide Orbit Media Sales or created as a customizable Excel file. Knowing you are making prudent choices in pricing, you can trust that our rate cards will allow you to streamline the maximization of your inventory sellouts.

Stop building rate cards!

After a forecast has been set with the assistance of your consultant, highly trained pricing analysts determine the best prices for each piece of your inventory. Their decisions are based on data, not on gut feelings. Our analysts access information on average rates, sellout levels, ratings and impressions, and years of historical data to price your inventory. Our propriety software and algorithms then sculpt each rate into an appropriate tier based on demand. Historical performance, ratings changes, and market health are all contributing factors when it comes to rate recommendations, so rest assured you will receive the most accurate rates to help you achieve your goals.


While we are confident in the scientific foundation of our rates, we understand that a purely science-driven rate might not provide the perfect solution in every situation. ShareBuilders’ rates empower your team to sell on the street and not simply in their manager’s office. Our proprietary software and algorithms then sculpt each rate into an appropriate tier, based on demand. We give you the tools so you can finesse the end result in a way that best suits your needs. We’re committed to being your partner in growth by giving your sales teams rates they can negotiate based on demand.

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