Mark Bretsch

Director of Consulting


Mark Bretsch is Director of Consulting and Senior Consultant for ShareBuilders. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising from the University of Illinois and joined the ShareBuilders family in 2006. Prior to his tenure with ShareBuilders, Mark had a long career in radio sales and management. He got his start in radio by winning a contest on a Chicago radio station that allowed him to be an on-air DJ for an hour. Though Mark claims that performance was awful, radio got its hooks into him and never let go. (This biographer will be reserving judgment on the quality of that fated broadcast until the tapes are produced.)

 Before becoming an employee, Mark was a ShareBuilders client on three separate occasions. Most notably, he was on the management team of the very first ShareBuilders radio station. When the opportunity arose to bring Mark into the ShareBuilders fold, he brought a unique perspective that has proven invaluable. He’s also got some great stories about ShareBuilders in the age of dial-up internet.

 True to his rock-n-roll radio roots, Mark is a huge music fan. He spends much of his free time traveling and seeing live shows. One of his proudest achievements is that (at least some of) his musical tastes have rubbed off on his teenage daughter Genevieve. We’re proud to have Mark and his impressive radio pedigree on our team!