Board of Directors

Linda Locke
Owner/Chair of the Board


Austin Locke
Justin Locke
Erin Koller


Leadership Team

Mark Bretsch
Director of Consulting


Chris Crawford
General Sales Manager
Katie Kelly
Holding Capacity Coordinator


Chris Koller
Director of Business Development


Justin Machacek
Director of Analyst Operations
Kitty Malone
Director of Customer Success
Chris Orsini
Director of Finance
Taylor Snow
Director of Product


Rachel Sprenkle
Director of Marketing/ Senior Pricing Consultant
Shelly Straub
Director of Human Resources
Brad Wilke
Director of Software Development

Our Team

ShareBuilders is the largest media sales forecasting and pricing tool in the US for TV, Radio and Cable. The ShareBuilder software, along with our expert consultants, saves clients time and money by making better pricing and inventory management decisions. We strive to be our clients’ partner in sales growth through an intense commitment to customer satisfaction.  

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