The ShareBuilders Story

Who We Are

ShareBuilders is the largest media sales forecasting and pricing tool in the US for TV, Radio and Cable. The ShareBuilder software, along with our expert consultants, save clients time and money by making better pricing and inventory management decisions. We strive to be our clients’ partner in sales growth through an intense commitment to customer satisfaction. In 2017, our local broadcast TV clients billed almost $6.2 billion, about 36% of the total spot TV revenue that year. Our clientele has grown to over 300 television stations, radio stations and cable MSO’s.

What We Do

Our software can help stations forecast, measure inventory usage, and adjust rates to respond to changes in supply and demand. A knowledgeable consultant will meet with you on a weekly basis to evaluate station and market demand and advise you on how to manage sellouts through rate adjustments. Soon afterward, you’ll have a rate card with rates tailored to your station’s current supply and demand situation and targeted to use all of your available inventory without overselling. In addition, we contribute significantly to long-term forecasting projects, research needs, and budget preparation. We are committed to being a partner in the growth of our clients’ sales teams through extraordinary customer service.

ShareBuilders Founders

Don & Linda Locke

Don spent 24 years in broadcast sales management working to optimize inventory and revenue. Frustrated with the lack of sound science-based reasoning in the field, he began researching economic principles and game theory. He poured all of his research into a massive and complex spreadsheet designed to consider the varying factors that come into play pricing media inventory. An entrepreneur at heart, he and his wife Linda took the leap that turned that spreadsheet into software in 1999 and established ShareBuilders in the basement of their Peoria, Illinois home.

Over the next 20 years

ShareBuilders grew from a basement operation to the largest media pricing and forecasting software company in the US. Initially staffed only with family members, ShareBuilders now employs over 25 dedicated professionals in a new office space in Washington, Illinois. In 2016, ShareBuilders purchased media CRM company Efficio, adding 15 more employees working remotely across the United States.


Our vision

Combining cutting edge technology with individualized consulting has assisted countless sales managers grappling with the difficult decisions Don once faced in sales management. Linda, sons Austin and Justin, and the ShareBuilders team continue Don’s legacy with their dedication to analytical pricing strategy and exceptional customer service, serving over 240 TV stations and almost 100 radio stations.


Proudly Serving Over

Television, Radio Stations and Cable MSO's 

Our software and consultants will build your share by helping you see where you are right now and help you get to where you want to be.

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