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Get the tools you need to make confident sales management decisions.


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ShareBuilders makes your data make sense.

Making confident decisions when your market changes quickly is challenging. 2020 is proof of that. ShareBuilders’ data-driven approach to sales management will save you time, promote revenue growth and inspire higher productivity.


Back up your “gut” feeling with science. Our expert consultants will work with you weekly to apply a data-driven approach to making sound forecast decisions.


Save time by allowing ShareBuilders to create a rate card for you. Get the rates you need based on current market conditions.

Revenue Management

Maximizing inventory is key to driving revenue growth. Our inventory outlook will can give you a quick overview of problem areas or an in-depth analysis across major programs.

Account Management

Keep your sales teams’ pending and activity on track, accessible anywhere, with a CRM tool built for the media industry. Integrations with our forecasting tools save you from having to access multiple systems to bring your pending to your forecasting conversations.

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