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ShareBuilders and Efficio are two powerful media sales platforms designed to empower sales teams and managers with smarter data that saves them time and accelerates revenue growth.  

Our valuable forecasting and inventory management features, along with our experienced consultants, empower sales managers to make smarter pricing decisions. We give you all the tools you need to price for demand and we save you countless hours by providing rate cards that are customized for your team’s needs. We strive to be our clients’ partner in sales growth through an intense commitment to customer satisfaction. Learn more about ShareBuilders

You hear a lot about CRM tools that enable sellers to do their job more efficiently. Efficio takes it one step further. Our media sales platform empowers sellers with all the data they need, whenever and wherever they need it.  Our CRM functionality is one of many comprehensive features that will save sellers time and ensure that their negotiating is done with the buyer, not in the manager’s office. Learn more about Efficio

"ShareBuilders is an exceptional inventory management tool. Working in a fast pace industry, our managers need to be customer facing and coaching their account executives. ShareBuilders affords them the ability to free up their time and spend more time in the field. ShareBuilders is one of the most important inventory management tools available to help manage changes in supply and demand and sell outs."

-Miles Cathey, Director of Sales, KHOU – Houston

Efficio is one of the most intuitive and incredibly useful sales and account management tools that I've utilized in my 35+ years in this career.

Steve Heintz, Sales Manager, Corus Entertainment

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