The ShareBuilders Platform


The ShareBuilders Platform

Doing it all,
in all new ways.

The ShareBuilders Platform elevates the most advanced media sales products to a whole new level of power and flexibility. Experience the next generation of products with a refined design and experience. This is our biggest update ever. Discover new capabilities and insights with account management, inventory and forecasting integrated as one product.


A Bold New Experience,
Same unbeatable magic.

Unparalleled features. Legendary experience. The ShareBuilders Platform brings a refined new design that gives you even more of the things you loved about our products.

Work with everyone

We know that it takes a great deal of effort for an organization to generate new business, not over-promise, and to over-deliver. Include your entire team into the ShareBuilders Platform and collaborate from a single view to sell and deliver to your clients. With the introduction of ShareBuilders Teams, everyone in your organization can stay in the loop from start to finish. With Flow by ShareBuilders, coming later next year, manage your unique sales funnels, workflows, and processes with almost any team in your organization. Connect Flow with our API’s and Zapier Integrations and the sky is the limit!


One for all, and all for one

We know remembering logins and passwords can be painful. That’s why we are proud to introduce an all-new unified ShareBuilders Account. With one login you can review your forecasts from your last conversation with your consultant and dig into account pending dollars all without changing applications or logins.

Streamlined Experience

From a single login point to unified navigation. This solution ensures that you can access the information you need from anywhere.

An all-new way to Plan,
More than just an upgrade.

Whether you’re trying to understand the impacts of how the current economic landscape affects your business, or just working toward next month’s goal, Plan by ShareBuilders is your best way to know where your organization is headed.

Your data your way

No two companies view things the same way. Plan by ShareBuilders lets you analyze your data the way you want to. With a customized dashboard, you can see your data, your way,

Know where you’ve been to know where you’re going

A web-based platform will allow you to view your forecasts, inventory and reports in a cleaner, more readable format.

Get in touch quickly with our experts

New functionality gives you quick access to your consultant’s contact information and allows you to communicate with your team member within this platform.

Your Plan, in Your Pocket

Perhaps one of the biggest changers, access your entire organization’s plan from your mobile device. Know your current inventory status and need rates during your next client meeting. Check your iPad from the board room for forecast and financials.

An all-new way to Sell,
For any sales team.

Imagine a CRM solution that could tie your sales teams’ efforts into your organization’s forecast in real-time. Sell by ShareBuilders brings the flexibility that today’s sales team needs to deliver the products of today and tomorrow. We understand that the landscape has shifted over the years quicker than we have ever seen before. Sell will allow each of your sales teams to communicate, track pending dollars, and close business with the flexibility that they need, whether selling spot, digital or entirely new revenue streams.

Custom Sales Funnels

No two sales teams are the same or follow the same process. Create custom sales funnels for each sales team in your organization. Each sales funnel can have the custom rules, requirements and integrations that your team needs.

Easy Activity Tracking

Your team is already having sales calls, meetings, emailing clients and keeping notes. Why ask them to double enter that into a CRM? Real-time activity tracking with email, calendar and contacts in the ShareBuilders platform couldn’t be easier. With integrations like Zapier and our open API, you can automatically log your teams calls into the CRM.

Keep track of your leads

Leads are nothing new to sales teams of any kind. Where they come from, how you generate leads and keeping track of them seems to be a constant evolution and there is always some new way. With Sell by ShareBuilders, you can bring your leads in from any lead generation method, distribute, track, and manage all within one dashboard. Turn an email lead, cold call, or chat into a billing account quicker and easier than ever.

Coming late 2021

Introducing Flow,
Get Work Done.

From the sales process to delivering a product, every team has a workflow. Flow is a new kind of way to manage and deliver any type of process-oriented workflow.

From Sales to Delivery

Communication is one of the most common process gaps in delivering products and services of any type or size. Flow takes a sellers piece of pending and flows right into a delivery workflow. The communication, files and notes from the client comes right with it. Automate a new closed deal to be sent to the appropriate production team, keep track and automate status updates the those who need to stay in the loop.

From one team to another

String workflows together, automating the process of closing a deal, delivering a product and sending to a billing team with Flow by ShareBuilders.

Keeping your team on task

Set deadlines, assign tasks and automate creation all within the same place. With integrations like our open API and Zapier you can create tasks from nearly any other platform or solution on the market. Integrate your Digital teams workflow into services like Facebook and Google AdWords to streamline operations.

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