• If I had to choose one outside vendor only, I would choose ShareBuilder. It not only saves hours of time for my sales management team in pricing for rate cards but additional time in the negotiation process.

    Sarah Smith GM - KMBC/KCWE - Kansas City
  • ShareBuilder allows us to raise and lower rates with conviction, and we are able to react to changes in the market sooner than we ever would have been able to before. ShareBuilder is the closest thing we've found to a crystal ball.

    Marti Hazel GSM - WDRB/WMYO - Louisville
  • ShareBuilders has been a tremendous tool for Media General. With budgets that continue to grow we need our sales managers working with our sales people to help them become the best they can be. ShareBuilders gives time back to our managers and helps us be proactive in the pricing process.

    Tom Conway former VP Sales & Marketing - Media General Broadcast
  • I would advise any GSM to minimally hear the ShareBuilder presentation. We have used ShareBuilder for over two years and have experienced outstanding success to the point that I recommended ShareBuilder to the other stations in our group. We all now use ShareBuilder on a weekly basis and it continues to help us both in monitoring our business and setting price points. The weekly pricing sessions also allow us to get feedback on other market conditions from around the country. As the old ad says, "try it, you′ll like it."

    Quinn Koontz GSM - WRAL - Raleigh
  • ShareBuilders is an invaluable tool that makes us money, saves us time and gives us a big picture perspective into industry trends. Inventory and pricing management is a difficult process made easier with ShareBuilders.

    Ray Mirabella GSM - KSTP/KSTC - Minneapolis
  • ShareBuilders has produced an incredible return on investment by allowing us to price much higher than we normally would in high demand times, and get more share by pricing lower in slower demand times. This pricing technique has gained us a MINIMUM of 1-3 share points more than we deserve each year. Our weekly meetings with our consultant allow us to more effectively forecast the market. And the bottom line pricing saves us time by letting our AE′s do the negotiation with the client, instead of us negotiating with our AE′s. The ShareBuilders name rings true--they really do build share!

    Warren Fiihr GM - Comcast Spotlight - Sacramento and Fresno
  • Being a firm believer that a person can only be truly good at 2 or 3 things and acknowledging that algorithms don't make my expertise list, I won't attempt to explain how ShareBuilder works. What I do know is that it applies a weekly analytical discipline to inventory management and forces our stations to price more effectively. ShareBuilder can initially be counterintuitive as it shatters old theories of when to raise and lower rates. But it allows us to better respond to a changing pricing dynamic based on real inventory data. The ShareBuilder staff has made the process easy to understand and partners with our stations in the truest sense of the word. Don guaranteed us a greater share of the business in our audited markets. In two years, we've yet to ask for a rebate.

    John Deushane GM – WXIA/WATL – Atlanta
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