ShareBuilder Support

Installing Citrix Client

In order to use the ShareBuilder applications you must have Citrix Client installed on your computer.  Citrix allows us to easily improve our applications while our customers NEVER have to install a patch or upgrade. Each time you login and run an application you are automatically running the latest and greatest version!

» Some of our customers have computer networks that restrict users from installing software. If you do have restrictions in place the installation will not complete because of an error. If this happens let a member of your IT staff know that you need this installed, if they would like more information regarding this installation please have them Contact Us
» If your computer already has the Receiver installed, trying to re-install will not harm the initial installation

You will need to complete the following steps:

1. Click here: Install Citrix Client and follow the installation steps.
2. Click on Customer Login at the top right of the screen and login to start using the applications (see Running a ShareBuilder Application section below).

**First Time Users
Logging-in for the first time  will require you to change your password.

We provide first time users with their login information. Passwords we email to a user are considered temporary and will need to be changed once the user logs in (see Passwords section below)

» Note: Depending on how your browser is setup, you may need to close it and come back to our website for the installation to be recognized.

Passwords / Forgot Login

I Forgot My Login Information

We are happy to retrieve your login information for you. For security reasons, we will provide you with a temporary password to login with. This will require you to change the password when you login (see above). There are 2 ways to request login information:

» Email:
» Phone: (309) 694-0727

Changing Your Password

We provide users with their login information when they first become a user or when they forget their login information. If you do not remember your login information please see this section

Password Requirements

  • At least 7 characters long
  • Contains a mix of UPPERCASE and lowercase letters
  •  Contains at least one number

Temporary Passwords

For security reasons, we require passwords to be changed when a user logs in with a temporary password. Temporary passwords are given out when a new user is created or when a user forgets their password. When you receive a temporary password follow these steps to change it:

  1. Click on the Customer Login section on our website
  2. Enter the login information you were given
  3. Enter the temporary password you were given into the Old password box
  4. Enter the password you would like in the New password and Confirm password box

Change Password On Your Own

Although we do not currently require users to periodically change their passwords, some users like to and we have provided this option. In order to change your password follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Customer Login section on our website and enter your login information
  2. Click on the ‘Settings’ Icon in the top right of the page
  3. Click on the ‘Change Password’ Button in the Password section
  4. Enter your old password into the Old password box
  5. Enter the new password you would like in the New password and Confirm password box


Running a ShareBuilder Application

ShareBuilder applications are launched through the Citrix Client. Your computer will need to have that installed before any application can be started. If you are not able to launch an application with the steps below then make sure the Citrix Client is installed (see the Installing Citrix Client section above for more information)

Please select the internet browser you are using and follow the steps to run an application:

  1. Click on the Customer Login section on our website
  2. Enter your login information
  3. Click the application you wish to run (the application will launch in a new window separate from your internet browser).

» If you logged in with a Temporary Password, you will be required to change your password before you will see the ‘Applications’ page. See the Changing Your Password section for more information.