ShareBuilders and Efficio joined forces in 2016 with the goal of providing our clients collaborative solutions to meet the demands of the broadcast media sales industry. While internally the two companies have become a cohesive team, externally there has been very little visual recognition of our partnership. To that end, we’ve refreshed our logos in order to display our unity and reflect the values that make us the leading providers of media sales software.

While conceptualizing this rebrand, we kept coming back to the two words that represent the commonalities between ShareBuilders and Efficio: partnership and growth.

ShareBuilders has built its reputation on being a good partner. Our team of highly specialized consultants work with our clients weekly to deliver accurate forecasting and inventory management. Customer service has always been integral to effective partnership for ShareBuilders, and in the last three years, we’ve incorporated that mantra into Efficio’s standards as well. We’ve changed the way our customer service team interacts with our clients, upgraded our training capabilities, and built improvements by listening to what our clients need in a CRM tool.

Our commitment to customer service is represented in Efficio’s new logo. The shapes within represent people, emphasizing our dedication to being an effective partner in the productivity of our clients’ sales teams.  Of equal importance to partnership is that we enable growth for our clients’ sales teams.This value is reflected prominently within the new ShareBuilders logo. While maintaining the original triangle shape, the embedded upward arrow signifies our commitment to growth, whether it be in the form of increased revenue, sales productivity, share strength, or simply the growth of knowledge. We are proud to introduce these new logos in recognition of the joint power of our companies, and to reaffirm our commitment to our clients to be partners in their growth.