Over 10 years in development, ShareBuilder software uses over 40,000 different algorithms to calculate the best rates for commercials to optimize client revenue. It combines large amounts of historical data with current data to find the best price. Our program has the ability to electronically import historical information from all major traffic systems, as well as current traffic information (skims), so that we can evaluate thousands of bits of data vital to the rate decision process. This automation makes rate card production extremely fast while bringing the most sophisticated supply/demand theory to the industry.

Software Demonstrations

The ShareBuilder software is most impressive when you can see it in person. Reading about our thousands of algorithms is great, but seeing what those algorithms can do is even better. We encourage you to view our Flash presentations to see some of our most impressive charts and graphs.

These presentations show only a small part of what ShareBuilders can do for you. Nothing replaces a live demonstration (via the phone and internet) with one of our staff. If you'd like to see even more, please click on the "Schedule a presentation" link within the Flash presentation, and we'll contact you.

Because we've created different tools designed for either television or radio stations, we've prepared separate presentations for each. Please select which version you'd like to see below:

Software Presentations

ShareBuilders for Cable Whitepaper

Key Benefits


Nearly every station gains market share through more accurate pricing


We save clients time by compiling and maintaining historical information, evaluating data, and making rate card recommendations


We provide detailed consultancy on pricing and a wide variety of subjects important to Sales Managers

Product Features

  • Market Holding Capacity Model: Allows a client COMPLETE understanding of cost per points, capacities, and demand in the marketplace
  • Market Forecasting: Brings together innovative and easy to use formulae to more accurately forecast demand
  • Price Planning: Uses historical data to develop the most effective plan of attaining budget for each quarter
  • Charting: Clients can visually see the status of their inventory over multiple quarters
  • Trending: Clients see how rates and sellout levels are changing over time
  • Rate Card: Able to export many different types of rate cards to Excel for easy use and distribution
  • Rotators: Automatically calculates rotator rates
  • Grid Rate Card Creation: Can create a grid card for a quarter in less than a minute
  • Remote Access: Managers and sales staff can access ShareBuilder from any computer with an internet connection