Linda Locke

Chairman of the Board of Directors


Linda Locke is Co-Founder of ShareBuilders and currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Linda and her husband Don Locke officially started ShareBuilders in 1999, though they worked on the development for many years prior to that point. Founding a small business requires an endless font of skills and flexibility, and Linda has drawn on lessons she learned throughout her employment history. She’s worked in radio sales, television traffic, financial consulting, education, and athletic coaching. Linda holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Oklahoma State University and did some post graduate work at the University of South Florida. 

When asked about her areas of expertise, Linda laughs, because she juggles her Pricing Consultant duties with the accounting, legal, human resources, and myriad of other responsibilities that come with being a small business owner. 

Linda spends much of her free time with training and playing with her two dogs who often join her at the office. They compete in Agility, Freestyle, and Flyball, which all require extensive training. She’s also an avid gardener, an accomplished swimmer, and loves spending time with family, which is fortunate, since she works with her sons Austin and Justin. Linda’s rebellious daughter Kristin broke from tradition and became a nurse.  She’s been forgiven.

A Note From Linda:

“Don Locke, my husband, was the driving force behind ShareBuilders. He passed away in February 2019. He knew this business would be successful from the very beginning while I was wringing my hands with worry about making the mortgage payments and paying for college tuition for the kids. I miss his smiles, his business acumen, his confidence in all things, and his sweet nature.”