Jared Petri

Software Developer


Jared Petri holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Illinois State University, and started working for ShareBuilders in 2007 fresh off an internship at State Farm Insurance. Though Jared was hired to be a Pricing Analyst, he eventually transitioned into Software Development.

 Jared’s favorite aspect of his job is hearing from clients and co-workers when a new development feature has improved their ability to do their job efficiently and accurately. Because he started working with the ShareBuilders software as an end-user, Jared has a special knack for projects that streamline internal processes.

 Outside of work, Jared enjoys spending most of his free time with Stephanie, his wife of 10 years, and their two children. Jared and his 9-year-old son Jaden like to play and watch sports, while his 7-year-old daughter Stella has more of a creative and artistic streak. Jared is (generally) a willing participant in singing, dancing, and art projects. He also likes to take on home improvement projects, though he may have learned a few lessons the hard way. Pro tip: when tiling a shower, remember to properly waterproof and seal!

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