Sales Analysis

We offer reporting and analytics at all levels of your organization.  Sales Analysis packs all of your most important sales data in one place. It’s highly customizable and can provide that quick overview you need when you’re looking for big-picture details.

From Macro to Micro

Do you oversee multiple markets?  Looking for a roll-up of their data to measure progress?  Sales Analysis in ShareBuilder CRM offers robust reporting to put comprehensive data in your hands.  What your stations input on the micro level can be combined to a macro-level review of your company’s financial health and potential.  Understand and identify the successes and challenges that face your stations at any time. 

Specialized Reporting

We also offer services for advanced reporting and research through our analytics team.  Looking for analysis not found on a typical report?  Our team has helped with things like special event reporting, market calculation tools and more. We truly live by our motto to make your data make sense.  We can often synthesize and draw conclusions on behalf of our clients in a fraction of the time it would take them or a member of their team.  Give that time back to your sales efforts and let us do the work.

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