Media Sales CRM

The average CRM will enable sales.  Efficio empowers sales.  What’s the difference? Most CRMs will put the data you need in front of you.  Efficio does more.  We organize your team’s data to help make actionable decisions that result in increased sales.

All Your Data in One Place

Data that would take hours to find and assemble is now accessible in clicks.  We are breaking down the walls that are isolating your data and holding you back from the level of productivity needed to make your team successful.

Just viewing basic CRM data isn’t enough anymore. Efficio brings all your related Account data to the surface. Viewing a single account grants you a full picture including contacts, activities, agencies, locations, historical avails, monthly billing, accounts receivable, and peer AEs for combining timeline information.

Strategic Account Management

Efficio offers robust strategic account management tools to help prioritize and create focus. Reps can only handle so many accounts effectively. Efficio helps them focus on those accounts with the biggest opportunities. With forecast tracking, managers can better understand how their team is doing and where they can help.

An App That Lets You Work From Anywhere

We created an app with busy sellers in mind. Anything you can do in Efficio can be done on Efficio Mobile. Take your account list with you to lunch, client meetings, or the board room. Search for accounts and view account details where you need them on any device.  Being away from your desktop will no longer be an inconvenience when you have to tackle bigger projects in Efficio like prioritizing account categories or viewing rates and financials. ​

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