View graphical depictions of projected sellout indicators at the click of a button. Information on ratings, AURs, historical sellout levels, and more help you respond quickly so inventory remains fluid.

Selling Time

Inventory Management is a critical part of sales in any industry. Broadcasting is unique in that your inventory is intangible- most of it is simply time. You do not have the option of storing excess product in a warehouse- if your inventory goes unsold, it simply vanishes. Everyone’s goal is to sell 100% of the spots available with no pre-emptions, but it rarely happens in reality.

Everyone’s goal is to sell 100%

ShareBuilders will help you maximize your inventory through smarter, dynamic inventory management solutions. Why look at a bland spreadsheet when you can view a graphical depiction of your inventory? Compare current ratings and impressions, AURs, and sellouts to previous years at the click of a button. Our projected sellout indicators help you respond quickly so inventory remains fluid. We can help you proactively catch problems before they affect your bottom line.

Dynamic Solutions

If you are “stuck” on a rate for any given spot, you risk overselling if the rates are too low or underselling if they are too high. Our expert coaching and market analysis can help you fend off costly mistakes. Believe it or not, it is possible to make more money by lowering rate under the right circumstances- reducing price can help you avoid an excess of unsold inventory. Similarly, our tools will help you avoid the temptation to use rates that are too low in times of high demand. A 100% sellout is great, until you realize you could have made a lot more money on that inventory and averted unnecessary pre-emptions. Sometimes less is more- sometimes more is more. We can help you identify which situation you’re in, and offer pricing guidance to help you maximize profit.

Finding the right rate depends on what is happening in the here and now, and we would love to discuss how to make you more money. Every dollar counts and we want to prove to you that ShareBuilders is a service you will not want to be without.

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