Your knowledge of unique market conditions combines with our comprehensive science to create our Forecasting system. Our complex tools, along with your dedicated consultant, will keep you laser focused on reaching your goals.


Marry the knowledge you have of your unique market with our comprehensive analytical systems to maximize profitability. Let us provide you with the tools to effectively price to the demand that exists instead of just hoping you can hit your numbers. Our complex forecasting system, along with one-on-one consulting, will help you stay laser focused on reaching your goals.

Our forecasting tools not only help with the day-to-day challenges of calling a market, but they also make the annual budgeting process a breeze. We can quickly assess historical revenue spread and project growth. Political expectations and appropriate comparison points are easily accessible to guide your decisions.


Empower your Forecasting strategy with ShareBuilder Pricing! Weekly meetings with your consultant offer you the opportunity to engage in constructive conversations about managing your inventory. By analyzing trends in your data, you will be able to make pragmatic decisions for the future. Our system simplifies your historical data, allowing you to view years of financial information with a few clicks.

We track your pacing and chart your current progress while simultaneously displaying the pacing trajectories of previous years. Our aggregate views of national pacing can also offer insight by geographical region, network affiliation, and market size. Our specialized toolkit also includes the ShareBuilders Holding Capacity Model which will help you make sense of changing market conditions, guiding your decision making on both a macro and micro level.


ShareBuilder Pricing has a plethora of tools to help guide your forecasting decisions, but we never forget that YOU know your market best. Our highly trained consultants listen to your input and offer you their recommendations, but the final decisions remain in the hands of the managers. You are the experts when it comes to navigating the idiosyncrasies of your market- let us provide you with a solid scientific foundation.

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