Erin Koller



Erin Koller is Co-CEO of ShareBuilders and Efficio, alongside Justin Locke. She began working for ShareBuilders in 2003 and was among the company’s first employees. Over the years Erin has performed nearly every job function within ShareBuilders making her uniquely suited to lead the company. Since Efficio and ShareBuilders joined forces, Erin has taken an active role in integrating the services of the two companies and creating a cohesive team.

Of her position Erin says, “As CEO, I relish the opportunity to get involved in all aspects of the business, and having a hand in the success of the company, our customers, and our employees.”

Erin is a graduate of the University of Missouri and an unabashed “foodie.” She enjoys cooking, discovering new restaurants, and has been known to wax poetic on the many virtues of fresh Alaskan seafood. She spends much of her free time shuttling her 9-year-old daughter Lucy to synchronized figure skating lessons. When she’s not playing chauffeur, Erin enjoys traveling to Southwest Michigan to spend time with family.