Brad Wilke

Director of Software Development


Brad Wilke is Director of Software Development for ShareBuilders and ShareBuilder CRM. He was hired as a Software Developer in 2007 and has gone on to head the department.

 Brad’s favorite part of the development process is thinking through a problem and creating the necessary pieces to assemble a solution. Brad’s description of programming in terms of building blocks will come as no surprise to anyone who has visited his office. It houses a number of impressive Lego displays.

 When he’s not working, Brad enjoys spending time outdoors with his family camping, biking, and taking road trips. He’s also fond of video games, Arduino, astronomy, basketball, volleyball, and, you guessed it: Lego.

 Brad was encouraged to apply for a position at ShareBuilders by his then-girlfriend (now wife), Rachel, who was an early ShareBuilders employee. They have since expanded their family to include three sons: Nate, Eli, and Jeremy. Two adults, three kids, four cats, and two dogs make the Wilke household a very lively place, indeed.