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ShareBuilders combines cutting edge technology with a wealth of media expertise. We offer individualized consulting and analytical pricing strategies to our Television and Radio clients and specialize in media focused CRM solutions. Our systems are designed to empower your sales team by connecting data across the organization, inspiring actionable decisions and higher productivity. ShareBuilders promotes revenue growth and time savings by injecting intelligence, visibility, and confidence into pricing inventory, forecasting, and revenue management.

It all started in 1999

Don & Linda Locke

 Don spent 24 years in broadcast sales management working to optimize inventory and revenue. Frustrated with the lack of sound science-based reasoning in the field, he began researching economic principles and game theory. He poured all of his research into a massive and complex spreadsheet designed to consider the varying factors that come into play pricing media inventory. An entrepreneur at heart, he and his wife Linda took the leap that turned that spreadsheet into software in 1999 and established ShareBuilders in the basement of their Peoria, Illinois home.

ShareBuilders grew from a basement operation to the largest media pricing and forecasting software company in the US. Initially staffed only with family members, ShareBuilders now employs nearly 30 dedicated professionals in a new office space in Washington, Illinois.

In 2016, ShareBuilders purchased media CRM company Efficio Solutions, bringing on 13 additional employees working remotely across the United States. Those teams are working as one to combine the power of their legacy products into new tools and systems to benefits sales teams. In 2022, Efficio was rebranded as ShareBuilder CRM as part of that effort.

The products offered by ShareBuilders have assisted countless sales managers in grappling with the difficult decisions Don once faced in sales management. Linda, sons Austin and Justin, and the ShareBuilders team continue Don’s legacy of creating time-saving, analytical solutions and offering exceptional customer service.


We design actionable solutions driven by information and insight to empower people. 



We are constantly looking for new ways to solve problems, both our customers’ and our own. Simply put, we’re committed to challenging the status quo. Our team is constantly working to come up with new solutions to better serve your needs.


At ShareBuilders, we rely on data to make our decisions. We work diligently to avoid falling into the trap of relying on our “gut” which is often guided by emotions and fears. We have a wealth of information at our fingertips, and we are not afraid to use it.



No man is an island; we are part of many teams. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with. We have a deep commitment to teaching and training and are always open to listening and learning. We want to provide our clients with partnership, not ego-driven rigidity.


We live and work in a dynamic, ever changing landscape. We make quick, informed decisions rather than dragging our feet. Our flexibility allows us to rapidly adapt to new conditions and stay ahead of the curve.


We offer our clients honest and open dialogue. We don’t keep secrets and we keep our word. We aren’t motivated by personal glory, but by bringing success to all. We strive to remain mindful of our impact on others.


A little adversity has never kept us down. We learn from our mistakes and apply those lessons to improving our products and services. Our passion for the work keeps us moving forward every day.

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