Digital Product Designer


ShareBuilders is a software and consultancy business seeking an honest and hard-working individual with a strong background in digital product, web, and application design to join our team as our first Digital Product Designer. We are looking for someone who is self-motivated, enjoys challenges, and has a creative approach for digital product design. 


Company Description: 

Our company provides pricing solutions to Television and Radio stations. We consult and advise our clients using computer software that helps analyze media pricing behaviors.   In essence, we advise our clients on what price to charge for their commercials. We do this by gathering a large amount of data and then using our industry knowledge and software to analyze and interpret that data. 


Job Duties  

  • Create design concepts, develop interactive prototypes, devise experiments, conduct usability tests, validate assumptions, and build products that inspire people and solve problems they are facing.  
  • Analyzes requirements for information architecture to create wireframes and illustrate appropriate aesthetics for user experience; 
  • Improves the usability of websites through the implementation of design concepts. 
  • Implements all aspects of web design including balance, contrast, emphasis, consistency, and unity. 
  • Ensures that the web design will integrate into program rules and system architecture. 
  • Stays abreast of modern technologies in the field to create innovative approaches for improving end-user experience. 

Visual Design Responsibilities 

  • Create innovative conceptual designs along with enough flexibility to adapt to existing branding 
  • Present the user interface visually so information is easy to read, understand and find 
  • Optimize digital images for web, mobile, and desktop platforms 
  • Collaborate and establish the visual, interactive and accessibility standards 
  • Design and create illustrations that contributes to the positive overall experience of a product 

Experience Design Responsibilities 

  • Produce personas and scenarios; and participate in user-experience research and usability studies 
  • Communicate design concepts through sketches, customer journey maps, wireframes, prototypes, design specifications, and other UX deliverables 
  • Monitor customer behavior and use data to optimize product experience 
  • Consider accessibility, localization, scalability, and ease of maintenance in all solutions 
  • Assist with validating and measuring user experience success via usability testing and post deployment evaluations 
  • Use proven methods and techniques to produce the right UX deliverables 
  • Create experiences that can work dynamically across multiple interface types 

Interface Design Responsibilities 

    • Produce engaging, customer-centric responsive products regardless of the screen device 
    • Support the development of tools to automate repeated tasks and enable non-design colleagues to self-serve where possible 
    • Embrace emerging standards while promoting best practices in order to push the limits of what an interface can do 


    Abilities & Skills Desired: 

    • Present portfolio of past work
    • Fully proficient in all fundamentals of the web (SASS/CSS3 and HTML5), mobile and desktop technologies 
    • Experience in SASS is a must 
    • Knowledge of capabilities and limitations of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript 
    • Understanding of interface design processes and frameworks 
    • Excellent time management skills 
    • Clear and concise written and verbal communication skills 
    • Conceptual thinking skills 


    Experience Desired: 

    • 4 to 6 years of experience in product design 

    To apply, please fill out the form below or email you resume and cover letter to